Drug Reformers Memorial

Drug Reformers Memorial

This gallery is dedicated to the people who stood up to make a difference against the scourge of drug prohibition, and cannabis prohibition in particular, but did not live to see the day of liberation. Read their obituaries to learn about their contributions to social justice.

In Memory of Civilian Casualties of the Drug War

While this gallery discusses known cases of law enforcement’s murder of civilians, several of whom fought back in self defense, many more such incidents have occurred that have not been documented. The names and incidents of many such casualties of the Drug War will never be known.

This category is dedicated to those victims, known and unknown, who died in the cross-fire of turf wars due to the profit motive of illegal drugs. To those killed or injured in police raids, and in raids based on bad tips or wrong addresses. To those who suffered painful deaths while being denied access to Medical Marijuana. To those who defy the laws to obtain their medicine of choice. To those who have contracted the AIDS / HIV virus due to the Drug Warrior mentality which discourages and criminalizes needle exchange programs. To those who died from contaminated drugs as a result of the black market. To those who died because they were denied essential support programs in order to fund the building of prisons and other prohibition enforcement structures.


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