Cantheist symbolism

The graphic symbol for Cantheism is modeled after the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for hemp rope, which was transformed into the letter “h.” It is designed to be discreet, easily sketched and refers both to the ancient roots and the intertwined nature of human experience and the cannabis plant.

The hand symbol for Cantheism is right hand cupped around the left, with two fingers extended in the inner hand, symbolizing the male and the female plants. The overall hand gesture signifying the female calyx which holds the trichome glands.

Astronomy: The three stars of Orion’s belt represent the three aspects of cannabis: Commerce, medicine, and spirit. Sirius, the brightest star in the nearby constellation Canis Major (Big Dog) symbolizes cannabis in the Northern winter sky.

Alchemistry: Cannabis pulp and fiber can be fabricated into almost anything, including every product made from fossil fuels, timber, and cotton. The active flowers and leaves can be converted into a wide assortment of inhalables and comestibles, ranging from flowers to hash resin to honey oil to water hash to kief to food items to beverages to tinctures to salves to liniments, etc., etc.

Egyptian hieroglyphic reference to cannabis hemp.

Egyptian hieroglyphic reference to cannabis hemp, now used as a symbol for its Cantheistic sacramental use.

Illustration: Detail from an Egyptian stella (1780-1306 BC), Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Firenze (Italy) Room III, case 14, Item 7611

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