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Consulting (or Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum) 510-275-9311

Instructor at Oaksterdam University, Oakland CA. 510-251-1544.

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 BACH: Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp

Safe Access Now medical marijuana guidelines

California medical marijuana initiative, Prop 215

California medical marijuana law, SB 420

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Chris Conrad in a greenhouse garden, 2013

Chris Conrad wearing a hemp shirt as he examines a vegetative medical cannabis plant in a California greenhouse garden, 2013.

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Chris Conrad is an author, museum curator, consultant, public speaker, cannabis expert witness and internationally respected authority on cannabis, industrial hemp, medical marijuana, cultivation, garden yields, processing, dosages, commercial intent, personal use and cannabis culture.

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Chris Conrad interview (2013)

Chris Conrad mentions in The Drug War Chronicles.

Chris Conrad talks about his work, (video 2008)

Books by Chris Conrad

Download a free 1.5MB PDF of Cannabis Yields and Dosage

Hemp: Lifeline to the Future

Hemp for Health

Human Rights and the US Drug War

Nostradamus and the Attack on New York

Shattered Lives: Portraits from America's Drug War Link

Chris Conrad talks about California Prop 19 (video 2010)

Chris Conrad on PBS' "The 90s" Hemp Show #1 (video 1990)

Chris Conrad interview (video 2009)

Hemp, Lifeline to the Future interview (video 2008)

Chris Conrad interview: Time for Hemp (video 1991)

Chris Conrad at Hempstalk (video, 2010)

Chris Conrad in examination of media lies about cannabis (video)

Chris Conrad on media and marijuana, HempFest (video, 2010)

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Hemp and Marijuana: The term "hemp" is the English word for the plant species Cannabis sativa, L. It is one of the first crops known to be cultivated by humanity, and unlike many other plants, cannabis has separate and distinct sexes. Hemp can be female, male, and hermaphrodite. In some, but not all, varieties of cannabis, the female flowers produce enough THC in their resin to have a psychoactive effect. The male plants do not.

Click here to see how to sex cannabis plants .

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy

Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana / Drug Policy  


Accurate Drug Info

Family Council on Drug Awareness 

Equal Rights 4 All

Cannabis Consumers Campaign

Major victory in the DEA's war on hemp seed foods! Courts back hemp in 2004: click below for the latest update

Drug War POWs

Human Rights and the Drug War

Pot Pride

Drug Truce


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Chris Conrad, his wife Mikki Norris and Virginia Resner of Human Rights and the Drug War received the Drug Policy Alliance Robert Randall Award, named in honor of the first person to get medical marijuana from the federal US government under the ongoing IND program.

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