Cantheist Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies

Direct contact with cannabis is an essential aspect

Cantheism allows each person to intuitively find their own connection between cannabis sacrament and their other religious beliefs or lack thereof.

The only mandatory Cantheist or Cannatheist rite is the possession, sharing and regular sacramental ingestion of cannabis. Not necessarily at every gathering, but typically so and either inhaled or ingested, as part of a broader system of religious beliefs. Cantheists congregate to partake or pass along the shared cannabis flowers.

Optional practices afford multiple belief systems

Observance of other Cantheist rites by the faithful are seen as beneficial but not mandatory. The extent of one’s participation can be a function of one’s religious practice or a measure of the depth of one’s ardor and devotion.

  • Practice cannabism, the daily or regular consumption of cannabis.
  • Make oblation with the hempseed, and sow it everywhere.
  • Offer thanksgiving and blessing for cannabis when you partake.
  • Share the holy smoke among the faithful.
  • Use a hempen prayer cloth to inhale through when sharing the holy smoke among the community.
  • First passage of cannabis at maturity, eg., age 16: Parents may choose to offer cannabis, their mature child may accept or pass on this opportunity.
  • Age of personal consent at 20: After being schooled as a child, the new adult steps forward to accept Cantheism and share in the sacrament.
  • Summer solstice: Marked by bonfire jumping.
  • Undertake cannabinges, periods of intense consumption of cannabis.
  • Freedom pilgrimage: Take the sacrament in a land that it is free from oppression at least once in your life, and remember the years of persecution.

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