Share Parker: Seattle Hempfest

Share Parker

Obituary: Born 1951; Died Dec. 4, 2006

Seattle Hempfest’s treasurer, steering committee member and 5-Star General, Share Parker, passed away Dec. 4 2006 after battling ovarian cancer for a year and a half.

Share Parker 1951-2006 We will miss her.

Share Parker 1951-2006 We will miss her.

The bass player for the esteemed band The Herbivores, Share had been participating in pacific northwest peace rallies and demonstrations for years, and had been a part of the Seattle Hempfest family for many years.

In 2000 Share took the job of treasurer by joining the Hempfest Steering Committee. Share was also known for her wonderfully long dreadlocks that fell down past her feet.

Share’s duties have included keeping our books in order & dealing with all ordering and insurance issues, and she did so while instilling a sense of dignity, integrity and professionalism into everyone she worked with.

Share was the kind of staff member that you could ask to do
something and forget about it, as you knew it would get done and get done right the first time.

When Hempfest came up distastrously short in 2005, even while her step son was fighting terminal cancer himself, Share mortgaged her property to bail Hempfest out, paying over $18,000 in Hempfest debts.

Share Parker’s dedication was ceaseless, her loyalty was
unwavering, and her sacrifice incalculable. She was just as brave as ever as she valiantly fought to survive cancer, and she died peacefully in our presence.

We honor Share, and pray for her soul to rest in peace.

Peace, Vivian Wm. McPeak

Seattle Hempfest 2006/NORML of WA State 206-522-0846 office

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