Tom Forcade, smuggler, founder of High Times magazine

New York, Founder of High Times magazine, died  June 05, 1978 .

1945 – 1978

Thomas King Forcade (1945-1978) founded High Times in 1974. He was an amazing personality who touched many lives. A pot smuggler who decided to use his money to free the herb, Forcade published a magazine and helped to fund the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, NORML.

He was intimately involved and extremely influential in every counterculture movement and activity of the 1960s, including politics and the promotion of rock festivals and in the 1970s, the Punk rock rebellion. He founded the Trans High Corporation and the High Hopes Foundation.

Though his untimely death is generally considered to have been a suicide, there are still conspiracy theorists who believe that he was assassinated by a government agency to stop his legalization activism. His legend and his dream lives on through the magazine and foundation he founded.


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    1. Mostly marijuana and hashish (resin) and some psilocybin mushrooms but we weren’t there to know what else he was involved with.

  1. By controlling cannabis, we get rid of the rebellious allure that
    brings youths and could put drug dealers out-of-business that iis blqck market.

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