Eric Heimstadt, AKA Seraph


April 9, 1949 – April 17, 2009

Prominent patient advocate and provider Eric Heimstadt, AKA Seraph, succumbed to a long struggle with cancer and died on April 17, 2009, surrounded by family and friends. He served on the Humboldt Medical Marijuana task force that fought off a 6-plant limit in that county, part of the historic “Emerald Triangle” of cannabis growers, and used doctors and experts research and data to arrive a 100-square feet and three pounds processed guideline. The information used to make this “Safe Access Now” policy is published in the booklet Cannabis Yields and Dosage by Chris Conrad (click here for a PDF).

Known for his ascerbic words and strong opinions, Heimstadt was born on April 9, 1949 and at times seemed to court controversy. While advocating passionately on behalf of his patient collective members, he was also a harsh — some would say unfair — critic of other activists and providers.

Eric was both proud of and devoted to his daughter and often sang her praises. His company, Humboldt Medical Supply, continues his good works under the direction of Laura Benedict.


Author, cannabis expert witness, journalist, artist